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Upper Monroe
Upper Monroe has 3,300 residents and property owners. Upper Monroe has the Rochester Monroe Branch Library, and 1,400 households. It also has East End and Park Avenue Festivals, Geva Theatre, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, and the YMCA, as well as many other businesses and organizations. There is Cobbs Hill Park, where the famous Lilac festival is held, and Highland Park, are both open to the public for events and games and whatever else may be going on. In addition, there is Pinnacle Hill, the highest point in the city. (Information taken from the Upper Monroe Avenue website).

Upper Falls
The population of Upper Falls is approximately 7,000, and the median household income in 2008 was 17,000, compared to Rochester’s 49,000. Upper Falls has many popular businesses and shops to entertain its residents and visitors alike, such as Burks Tools, O K Barbershop, Empire Fence, and Roofers Local 22. (Information taken from the Upper Falls Website).

Swillburg has a great many attractions and events, such as the Halloween scavenger hunt, National Night Out Carnival, Swillfest, and $5 movies at the Highland Cinema. There are also many places to go, such as Highland Park Diner, Rooney’s Restaurant, India House, museums and shopping. (Information taken from Swillburg Neighborhood Website).

19th Ward
The 19th ward is Rochester’s largest Neighborhood, and is very community oriented. They have Potluck Picnics every 3rd Thursday of the Month. They also have the prestigious University of Rochester, and the previously nationally high ranking Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School. (Information taken from the 19th Ward website).

Beechwoods borders are Bay Street, Culver Road, East Main Street, and North Goodman Street. There are many residential single homes, rentals, and small businesses; it is both affordable and comfortable. Beechwood also has the Thomas P. Ryan, Jr. Community Center and Library. (Information taken from the neighborhood of Beechwood website).

Charlotte is the home of the Port of Rochester, and Charlotte High School, as well as Charlotte beach. The population in 2009 was 1,700, and the median household income as of 2008 was 41,000. There are 700 houses in Charlotte, 600 are occupied, 500 of which are owner occupied. (Information taken from Charlotte website).

The 14621 zip code has block club meetings and street leaders meetings, as well as a Clifford and Conkey farm stand on Sundays.  The 14621 is very concerned with their community, and help by organizing block clubs, neighborhood watch and other improvement efforts, such as include community gardens, civilian patrol (PAC-TAC) recruitment, CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) coordination, and neighborhood celebrations. They also provide home repair grants and other assistance, including outreach and information on public safety issues, lead hazards and fire safety. (Infromation taken from the 14621 website).

Downtown has the new Downtown Safety Services “Red Shirts” team to make downtown safer and more accessible. Downtown has a great many entertainment opportunities, and is where most of Rochester’s parties, concerts, events, and nightlife occur. Downtown has an ample supply of clubs, restaurants, bars, shopping, theatres, museums and festivals. Downtown also houses most of Rochester’s major sporting events and teams, such as the Rochester Redwings, or the Raiders, or the Razorsharks, or the Knighthawks, or the Rhino’s. (Information taken from the downtown website).

Edgerton has both a community center and a park that are widely utilized by the public, as well as four satellite community centers. At the community center, there are many programs and activities, such as a year round recreation program for people of all ages, Youth Council, and the Stardust Ballroom which can be rented out for use by the public, among many other things. (Information taken from city of Rochester website).

Rochester’s Dutchtown has a wide variety of businesses and activities and centers. It contains a library, restaurants, apartments, and houses for rent. It was primarily an immigrant neighborhood (hence the name dutchtown) but is open to any and everyone. Dutchtown has many restaurants and good places to eat, and it also has the very honorable distinction of being the subject of a book, titled Rochester’s Dutchtown by Michael and Glenn Leavy.

Brown Square
Brown Square Park is located across from Kodak’s headquarters, and has a great many recreational opportunities for the public, such as ball fields, Bike Trails, Cross Country Skiing, a Game Room, and Large Group Accommodation. In addition, there is also the Brown Square Health Center. There are many affordable apartments available in Brown Square as well. (Information taken from City of Rochester website).