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Ana’s new home!


Ana is New 2 U Homes First Closing of the New Year! With clients like Ana we are sure to have a phenomenal year! Ana it has been a pleasure to work with and get to know you. From our first meeting when we walked through a leaning house 🙂 then to the spooky (seemingly haunted ) house through all the other interesting but not quite right homes till now. We are proud to have traveled this journey with you and look forward to seeing you and your family prosper in your new home!  Congratulations on your accomplishment!


A typical Tuesday New 2 U Homes goes to bat for our clients

A typical Tuesday New 2 U Homes LLC goes to bat for our clients preparing for home purchase! After a review of one of our (soon to be homeowner) clients credit report we found a bill originally at $250 was now showing on her credit report for a whopping $918. After fighting with 2 different collection representatives at 2 different companies we were able to get the bill reduced to $338!  We bring these same negotiation skills to your home purchase negotiations. We never pay list price! If you are in the market for a home either now or in the near future call us. We can help! We are truly Rochester’s Only Full Service Real Estate Brokerage!!

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Keys for the Browns!

Hank and Teresa worked hard, waited patiently, and smiled brightly when they finally got their keys, But not without some “flair’ 🙂 The seller’s attempt to pull a fast one on this meticulous and detail oriented couple proved unsuccessful. As we sat at closing and inspected documents, with 3 simple words “Is that right?”, the transaction almost came to a screeching halt. The Browns politely questioned why there was an open lien still reflected on the title to “THEIR” new home. Long story short the situation was handled and this is exactly why we at New 2 U Homes support our clients beginning to end including attending closings. Hank and Teresa Congratulations, it has been an awesome experience working with you guys from hidden cats to strange layouts. We have thoroughly enjoyed the time spent and the opportunity to help you guys with such an awesome task. I am proud to welcome Hank and Teresa to the family! You guys are the Best!


Kenny’s Scores a Key Touchdown!

Kenny knew where he wanted to live, how much he wanted to pay, what his house needed to have, and when he wanted to move. Kenny is a testament to putting in the necessary work to get exactly what you want. Kenny provided all requirements to me, the attorneys and the banks immediately upon request and without hesitation. Kenny was extremely professional throughout the transaction and literally drove this process like a fullback into the endzone! I proudly welcome Kenny  to the New 2 U Homes Family!

Diva is a home-owner!!

Yvonne, affectionately known as “Diva” finally closed on her home! Diva inspected many homes and came close a few times but when she finally opened the door to her new home she said without hesitation”Now This is a Diva’s House” 🙂 Yvonne’s road was a long one but she remained confident and worked hard to prepare for this day. Congratulations Diva,.. We are proud to have been a part of this momentous occasion with you and welcome you to our New 2 U Homes Family!!

Cogratulations Collette and Rob!!

Congratulations to Rob and Collette Kettles! One of the friendliest, funniest couples we have had the pleasure to work with! Rob and Collette have 2 of the most well mannered daughters you ever want to meet. A truly inspiring example of a really great family supporting one another and being true assets to our community. Be sure to contact Rob for any and all security needs,. Rob Owns a dynamic one of a kind personal and property security company that will truly make you feel secure,..  Welcome to the New 2 U Homes family!!!